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About Us

Generations Community Theater (GCT) is a domestic non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which promotes the Theatrical Arts with a multi-generational platform.

Mission statement:

 "Enabling people of all ages to enjoy the theater experience on stage, backstage, or in the seats"


 "giving back to the community"


GCT works with organizations seeking assistance in raising funds.  We've raised funds for youth ministry, missions to other countries, and supporting the lack of funding for teaching the Fine Arts including music and theater.  

If you are aware of an organization looking for assistance in fund raising for a project and think a theatrical performance would be a good method, please contact us using the button below.  A member of Generations will receive the email and respond to your request.  

This site will be continually updated with information and production pictures from prior shows so visit our site now and then.  Thanks for visiting today!

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